I’m a data journalist and web tinkerer exploring ways to tell visually-led, data-driven stories. See stories/projects with data vis and coding below. I also publish a weekly roundup of data stories, resources and visualizations here on Medium.

The Network of a Lifetime – Dissertation project for MA Digital Journalism programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. Page built using Uikit, jQuery and ScrollMagic. Visualisations created using D3.js, Tableau, Illustrator and QGIS for maps. 

Introducing: The Super PollutersFeature data vis story on high pollution coal plants across the US. All writing, data vis and coding done personally.

The Many Potential Conflicts of Interest in Trump’s Cabinet – Interactive data vis story on the conflicts of interest in Trump’s cabinet. Page built using Uikit and D3. 

How hyperpartisan publishers are tapping into TwitterTwitter analysis and data vis for the Goldsmiths MADJ program. All writing, research and coding done personally.

How Twitter responded an hour after the Westminster attack – analysis and data vis of tweets immediately after news broke of the Westminster attack. 

Local schools face ‘severe’ funding shortfalls because of budget cuts, warn unionsdata vis news feature for EastLondonLines, Goldsmiths student-run newsroom

The kids are not alright: How the poorest children in London are entering primary schooldata-driven feature with visualisations on the state of child poverty and education in London. All writing, data vis and coding done personally.

The London Beersource – data dashboard on craft beer in London. Code and design done personally, data vis panels completed by team of four Goldsmiths students.

Toxic asbestos present in over 180 schools in the Eastlondonlines boroughs news piece for EastLondonLines, Goldsmiths student-run newsroom

Making data stories more personal: Highlights from Data Journalism UK –

7 security tools for journalists and the privacy-inclined blog published by Thoughts on Journalism publication

The cost of conveniencefeature story for portfolio, Goldsmiths University

Lily & Madeleine Keep it Together – culture/music profile for Sky Blue Window, online culture magazine

IUPUI Students Organize Million Student March in Hopes of Eliminating Student Debt – The Campus Citizen, university media outlet

Pence has no authority to refuse Syrian refugees: So why did he?The Campus Citizen, university media outlet

Water, Water Everywherefeature on benefit festival for the Flint water crisis, Sky Blue Window, online culture magazine

A storybook ending for Von Strantzfor NUVO, alt-weekly magazine