Data Visualisation

The below page contains some examples of data visualisations I have created. Standalone examples of visualisations are grouped by type (map, network graph, etc.). Visualisations that were created as part of a larger story (and share the same styling) are grouped by the article in which they appear. Hover or click on an image for info on how or why the graphic was created.


Network graphs

Made with Gephi. Annotations added in Adobe Illustrator.

The Network of a Lifetime

Final dissertation story for the MADJ programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Introducing: The Super Polluters

Investigative feature on high-polluting power plants in the U.S.

How hyperpartisan publishers are tapping into Twitter

Twitter analysis piece on the output of 10 hyperpartisan publishers. Tweets scraped using Python code.


Interactive versions on Tableau Public profile.