Cutting through the Social Noise

The internet is a big place. Now more than ever, digital markters and PR professionals are realizing how vast and complex the web really is. But more importantly, people are beginning to realize how crowded the social realm is becoming. The chart below shows just how far we’ve come into the digital age.

The fact that nearly half of the world’s population now has access to the internet raises a growing worry among social media marketers today:

Does anybody really care? Is anyone listening? 

It’s a valid concern, with over 2 billion social accounts scurrying around the digital landscape. And to make matters worse, research shows that people’s attention spans keep on getting shorter.

Put simply, it’s a crowded market and every brand is begging for more attention from consumers. So what’s a communicator to do?

Specialize. Analyze. Cut through the noise.

There’s a reason why so many social media analytic tools exist these days. Instead of trying to reach all people everywhere, brands should be honing in on their key demographics, targeting the people they want to reach most. Otherwise, we’re all just adding to the noise–no one is heard, because everyone is talking.


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